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4 years ago I joined this site.

2009-08-23 13:28:57 by deevvon

Well not really. I've been coming to this site since 1999, but I never made an account until 2005.

Anyway, I have no regret about joining this site and I'll continue coming to this site for a long time.


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2009-08-23 13:30:55

Though this is an alt, I lurked alot before I made my main. If only I had made my origanal account a few days sooner, I would be an 06er

deevvon responds:

The years go by fast. I still can't believe that I've been going on this site for 10 years.


2009-08-24 23:57:36

lol... boxxy?!?!
you sure about that?

..Idk if you said it the good way or the bad way... lol
because... I mean.. someone said Fom Tulp, for example...


2009-09-13 00:56:46

Welcome to the Dick Fest brother!


2009-10-15 20:42:54

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